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I Ate the Donut Today

I Ate the Donut Today

This morning I ate my breakfast and ate some of my lunch for breakfast. It was that kind of a day. In the breakroom, there were two small delicious donuts that looked amazing. I almost grabbed one… a chocolate covered cake donut. It would have been delicious.

For just a second I weighed my options. I could easily cut something out later and make everything equal out. But then I remembered that losing weight is challenging and it means giving up some of the freedoms you had when you just are maintaining your weight. The difference in losing or maintaining your weight could be as simple as 200 extra calories a day which is about the same as one serving of peanut butter.

Let’s talk about the ugly truth about weight loss.

#1 it’s not exactly fun. Cutting out things you like to eat, forcing yourself to be more active or to go workout, passing on the alcohol while out with friends. Who wants to do any of that.

#2 One-pound = 3500 calories. The means we need to create 3500 calorie deficit for every one-pound we want to lose. (This is the over simplified version.) That’s a lot of calories considering I watched the stats from 165# male do 100 burpees and he burned 42 calories during exercise. That is one bite size small snickers…think about that for a minute.

No one can make me eat better, no one can force you to eat better, you must decide for yourself and then follow the guidelines. Why are we here – to help guide you. We have the formula. But I cannot sit on your coach and force you to meal prep, or make good decisions, or to not eat the donut. (Well I can but that costs lots of money and you must live with me.) We are here to help you and we have the formula.

5 Quick tips to help with weight loss:

  1. Get rid of all foods with “added” sugars in them
  2. Ditch the processed foods, they add up fast calorie wise and usually don’t offer a good return
  3. Drink 64+ ounces of water a day
  4. Get 7+ hours of sleep
  5. Log your food for a few days so you can see how much you are eating, then add or subtract based on what you find

PS. I watched my co-worker eat the donut at my first meeting…

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