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Getting Started

CrossFit is a complete method for improving health, increasing your fitness, and creating human beings that can sustain anything life throws at them.  CrossFit classes are modifiable for all ability levels.  From soccer moms, to existing athletes, and everyone in-between.  This is a fitness methodology that is for you!

For experienced CrossFitters that are considering making a switch to Kensington Valley CrossFit please join us for a class at any time by following this link

How Does it Work:

Starting at Kensington Valley CrossFit it very simple.  Text or Call us at 810-545-7701 or send an email to and we will get you set up for one of our free intro classes or you can sign up online through our calendar and show up the date and time you selected. During that session our experienced coaches will work with you on various movements, discuss our methodology and how a complete package of exercise and nutrition will be the foundation for your best self yet!

All new members will be scheduled for a series of sessions which will set the foundation for better movement and how to be successful in our group WOD classes.  The foundation will work on many aspects needed for a CrossFit Class.  This includes squat, clean, jerk, snatch, pull-up, mobility, nutrition, and successful scaling options individualized for each person.  Do not be intimidated by these names. Believe it or not our coaches were in your shoes too!  They had to do assist pull-ups, they were 80 lbs over weight and couldn’t run a 12 minute mile.

After success in developing your foundations as an athlete you can attend our WOD and specialty classes based on the monthly membership options you choose.

If you have made it this far, take the time to contact us right now and sign up for a free intro!  If you are still intimidated grab a friend and have a combined intro session!

Contact Us Right Now!  

Our pricing is very competitive to our like organizations, although you will not find a comparable gym that provides the complete package like Kensington Valley CrossFit.