Cardio OR Strength which is better?

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Cardio OR Strength which is better?

Cardio OR Strength which is better?

You may have noticed a great divide in the fitness world between strength and endurance athletes and their approach to training routines. Avid runners and triathletes focus on their aerobic fitness for upcoming races—often to the point of neglecting the weight room. The same holds true for any strength athletes who spend little time away from their lifting routine to focus on aerobic fitness. But the truth is if you’re looking for a new personal record on the racecourse or a personal best in the weight room, or if you’re just looking for a way to round out your fitness, the key is to include both.

Our classes incorporate both strength and cardio into 1 hour. You will hit that PR or crush those strength goals no doubt!

Don’t currently workout but are thinking about getting back into shape. Check out our beginners class Couch to CrossFit kicking off again in the fall.

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***The way we train CrossFit @ Kensington Valley allows runners/triathletes to work on strength and strength athletes to get in a little cardio both at a rate that will NOT put you out of your regular training program. ***

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