Are you going to get injured doing CrossFit?

A common theme we hear all the time. The answer is…it depends. The likelihood of being injured doing CrossFit is not any more likely than being injured running, skiing, yoga’ing it up, or in a boot camp class. First, let’s define what we want to call an “injury” in this article: hurt, pain, impairment, disablement. In my experience what we would describe as an “injury” CrossFit comes from two places: 1) inactivity —> to activity and 2) poor coaching (pushing“READ MORE”

Not getting results?

Many of us invest a lot of time and money into our workout. We spend hours at the gym, invest in expensive apparel and gadgets and sometimes even hire a personal trainer.  But why is that that despite the billions of dollars going into fitness every year nearly everyone is complaining about not getting to their goals? Why is it that the person on the next spinning bike still looks substantially the same even though he/she has been diligently working out“READ MORE”

I Ate the Donut Today

This morning I ate my breakfast and ate some of my lunch for breakfast. It was that kind of a day. In the breakroom, there were two small delicious donuts that looked amazing. I almost grabbed one… a chocolate covered cake donut. It would have been delicious. For just a second I weighed my options. I could easily cut something out later and make everything equal out. But then I remembered that losing weight is challenging and it means giving“READ MORE”

Welcome to the Blog

3….2…..1…. go The blog for Kensington Valley CrossFit is live.  This will be a great platform that the coaches and community can interact while sharing all things CrossFit.  We know that our group on Facebook provides some great resources, we want this to be the placeholder for many of the great resources we share. We will be posting Workout tips for training for the week Mondays with Mike Training Tips Nutrition guidance Programs Much Much More So welcome to the“READ MORE”